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 Really... Ya'll Sure About This?

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PostSubject: Really... Ya'll Sure About This?   Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:36 am

So I was having a fun time teasing Niggle and making fun of his new guild rank of Officer, when he pointed out that teh same title had been slapped above my head... oh snap!

I'm having a lot of fun w/this game and I enjoy grouping w/all LoBME members that I've met so far and I don't mind wearing teh Officer Bull's Eye. I do however, want to make sure that teh right choice has been made, so I want to make everyone aware of what they can and cannot expect from me in game.

I do not have a mic nor do I use Vent... half teh time I don't even have teh sound on. I'm not a number cruncher or a rules encyclopedia... all I know about DDO is what I learn by playing it and what I read here. I've never been to ddowiki or any sort of official DDO site, nor do I plan to do so.

I will never take teh party leader star. I am 100% frontline infantry grist for teh mill, not some lame ass rear echelon pogue moving pins around on a map. Point me @ what needs to be killed and I'll do my best, but thats really all I can promise. If you are in a group w/me and you find yourself following me and no one else is in sight, you are lost... you are going teh wrong way.

As an officer I expect I'll embrace LoBME's open recruitment policy whole heartedly. If I group w/some clueless noob who does everything wrong on teh quest and gets everyone horribly killed, but they seem like a nice person and they make me laugh, I'mma totaly recruit that guy and also their pals if they happen to have any.

When posting of teh forum, I do try to be sure that many of my words are properly spelled and arranged in an order that makes some sense... this is often not teh case when I'm pounding away @ teh keyboard while playing. You are totaly likely to get something like this typed @ you...
"yomang lets score a Supercleric and slather this quest in 1337sauce for max sox roxing!!111"
I can come across as a learning disabled child w/one hand while typing in game.

Thats most of teh objectionable traits I exibit in game on a regular basis that I can think of right now. If that shits gonna fly, then it's my honor to accept teh post of Osifer!
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Really... Ya'll Sure About This?
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