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 Defining the Roles.

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PostSubject: Defining the Roles.   Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:26 pm

Elífré here with a new idea. To better help out our members that are new to the game, and experienced players who'd like to try something new, I think we could create individual topics that define the roles in a party, plus some good classes and builds that are easy to learn, play, and use in a group. I think that the roles can be defined as tanks, healers, buffers, crowd control in the form of fascination and charming, disablers, jack-of-all-trades, and damage, which by itself can be broken down into melee, ranged specialists, and casters. If you have any suggestions for new roles, please post them here. Topics on forming characters to suit each role can be created in the General Discussions section by posting a topic that follows the following guidelines:

The Title of the topic should be "Roles for Players: -whatever the role is-".
The post should include:
A short summary telling other members of the guild about the build and what it's good for.
Suggested stats for creating an optimal character. (This can and will vary depending on the person, and will not reflect race).
Suggested class and skill selection.
Suggested feat selection.
Suggested enhancements.
Tips on how to play the role.
Anything else you'd like to include.

Other members that'd like to post their ideas on the roles should see if there's already a topic up concerning the role before creating a new topic. If there is, just post in that topic to keep the forumns orderly. If you'd like to comment or discuss the roles or people's suggestions for them, you can also do that in the same topic. This post is itself up for discussion, and I'd appreciate getting feedback on it.
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Defining the Roles.
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