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 Neb's hand-me-downs

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Board Noob

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PostSubject: Neb's hand-me-downs   Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:28 pm

As some of you guys know I like to pass along items/armor/weapons to those it can help. I do this fairly often but it's usually by guess work.

What I would like is for anyone interested to please list what class(es) their main character is and what weapons/armor types you normally use. Should I come across it I will pass it down to those in need.

I'm not promising anything like a Metalline of Pure Good sword(although I have found 2 I have given away so far) but am always wanting to help out where I can.
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Board Noob

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PostSubject: Re: Neb's hand-me-downs   Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:09 am

Character: Arari Keraellana
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue 2 - Cleric 9
Alignment: Neutral Good

Weapons: Longswords, Heavy or Light Crossbows
Armor: Light (Mithral/Elven Chainmail) or Heavy Armor
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Board Noob

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PostSubject: My Peeps...   Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:30 am

Furbol - Dark Elf Rogue3/Sorc10

Nyggle - Halfling Bard8

I play them both equally but I do play Furbol a lil more.

Thanks again.
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Board Noob

Posts : 10
Gil : 16
Join date : 2009-12-09

PostSubject: Some items up for grabs before I vendor them   Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:04 pm

The following are up for give-away, please actually use them though, don't sell them. I can always use the extra cash too.

+1 Icy Burst Shortsword of Tendon Slice(4%) - ML:8

+1 Flaming Burst Shortsword of Everbright - ML:8

+3 Flaming Burst Shortsword - ML:8

+1 Paralyzing Heavy Pick of Backstabbing - ML:12 Was my first paralyzing weapon and was excellent in Gianthold, highly recommend having a paralyzing option for mid level quests/areas.

+2 Flaming Warhammer of Weighted(4%) - ML:12
Generally used as either an undead beater but for the % stun chance mostly, 5% is perfect and I finally finished my dual set so this one is being passed on if anyone needs/wants it.

+4 Wounding Bastard Sword of Deception - ML:14(Con damager)

+1 Anarchic Longsword of Shatter - ML:6
I kept this solely for fighting Marut as they have DRxx/Chaotic. I think it is only in one mission though(Haywire one afaik) but is useful vs Lawful enemies which are pretty numerous. Remember you will lose 1 level if you equip this and are not Chaotic I think.

A guildy I haven't seen on in some time originally wanted these but they have come back in the mail. If anyone else is running Bastard Sword proficiency(which I don't recommend but they are cheaper than Khopeshes...their only advantage imo)let me know and I will probably pass them on to you.

+1 Vorpal BSword of Maiming - ML:12

+1 Vorpal BSword of Parrying - ML:12 (UMD:22, Race: Human, this means you must either be a human or have a Use Magic Device skill of 22+ to equip it)

The following I am considering although not sure I want to give away. Mostly because of future alt use.

+2 Vorpal Longsword of Maiming - ML:14

+2 Vorpal Handaxe of Righteousness - ML:14

For borrowing only!! The following weapons are my loaners for beating boss Devil damage reduction. These are not meant to give away but to help others, especially for Shroud runs as Arretrikos has DR(15normal/30hard/60elite) unless you have Silver+good or metalline+good weapons, they need both to break his DR totally. Proficiency is not much of a concern as you generally only miss Harry(Arretrikos) on rolls of a 1 regardless, especially with bard buffs etc. These are on the honor system as most of these were purchased(too expensive imo) just to help those who are new to Shroud and can't afford them on their own yet.

+2 Holy Burst Greatclub of Pure Good - ML:12
This is not metalline/silver so does not truly break DR but the 3d6 of good damage helps compensate.

+1 Metalline Scimitar of Pure Good - ML:6

+1 Holy Silver Battleaxe of Backstabbing - ML:10

+2 Holy Silver Bastard Sword of Maiming - ML:8

+5 Metalline Bastard Sword of Pure Good - ML:14

+3 Vicious Khopesh of Greater Evil Outsider Bane - ML:12
While this does not truly break DR the 5d6 of damage actually averages a bit more than break even. It is however, vicious(1d3 self damage) so always let your healer know if you are using it(recommend offhand use personally unless you have plenty of hp)

Ogre Power Ring of Lesser False Life - ML:15 +6Str ring

Dexterous Boots(of Elvenkind) - ML:15 +6 Dex(+3 Move Silently)

Proof Against Poison Ring(of Haggling) - ML:7 (haggle+3)

Clever Goggles - ML:13 +6 Intel

Stone of Good Luck - ML:7 Trinket, +1 Luck Bonus to saves and skill checks. Would prefer a F2P player take this as P2P or those with Delera's Tomb can acquire the Voice of the Master which is the same Luck effect.

**Loaner Only** generally for someone who is asked to tank for Hound of Xoriat
Solid Fog Ring with 5 charges of Solid Fog - I use this so it is loaner only on an as-need basis much like the DR breaking weapons above.

Some have asked what/if anything I would like. In general there isn't much but I am always looking for the following Khopeshes:
Silver +holy/holyburst/pure good
Cold Iron + holy/holyburst/pure good
any Disruption
any Smiting
I would offer gold or trades for them as they are rare in any form though, I would not expect them to be free by any means.
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Board Noob
Board Noob

Posts : 19
Gil : 32
Join date : 2009-11-07
Age : 29
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Neb's hand-me-downs   Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:49 am

You don't have a Royal Guards Mask Spare or willing to sell/trade to me do you? I've been hunting for one for a while, I've also got a post up here asking about one with a list of items I've got to offer. Let me know. Thanks. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Neb's hand-me-downs   

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Neb's hand-me-downs
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